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Open your eyes to your trading efficiency and increase your margins.


We help traders trade

With multiple tools to help traders analyze their trades, we offer a service that is unmatched in utility. Compete in the leaderboards to view your rankings among other Mogul Financial users.

Stock Exchange

We are the only stock exchange in operating in New Eden

Resources & Tools

With multiple other resources and tools, we strive to be the best location to become an EVE Mogul.

"What a Company"

That is what they all say about us

"I shouldn't have gone with their competitor."

Nan Vandoom - Caldari Aficionado

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FREE Monthly

Get a daily/weekly/monthly profit totals from transactions

View item/crest details from your hangar

No contract tracking

No order tracking



50M ISK Monthly

Order tracking & notifications

View reports for 7d, 4w and 30d


All Free Features


100M ISK Monthly

Contract tracking & notifications

View your ingame assets

Premium Only API Queue

First access to beta features


All Free Features

All Trader Features

* All new users get 100m in promo balance. Usable for subscriptions